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Kurst "YIPYAP" Hyperyote Idiotic World

Mindless Comments by the Yammering 'Yote

24 February
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Hi I'm Kurst,

I go by many other names but this seems to get the most press.

I do love Video Games especially current generation new stuff, stuff about werewolves, RPGs, furries, fursuits etc. All the stuff that goes with furry fandom.

Overall if there is a coyote in it I'm all over it. That makes me a big fan of Warner Brother's Road Runner Cartoons. I've been fan of Sigh Wile E. Since I was very young.

Also I am a programmer by trade, I do code, I help out my furry friends with code support. I've produced many sites or help consult on it. I do like doing it if I know that people use them :)

But overall I'm just out to have fun and do good in anything I try to do.